logo The MBHA was founded out of frustration with the current lack of a clear understanding of the status of Boxer heart health in North America. It is generally well-known and accepted that the heart conditions Aortic Stenosis and Boxer Arrythmic Cardiomyopathy are widespread throughout the breed in North America. Several of our past top sires are either known or suspected to have had one or the other disease. Since there are very few dogs in North America today that do not trace through one or more very popular sires within 5-6 generations, it is highly likely that one or both of these diseases are present in all current Boxer bloodlines in North America.

The members of the MBHA have acknowledged that, while they may not have seen the problem in their breeding program thus far, the potential at this point is always there. In light of this, MBHA members have made a commitment to screen their breeding stock for these diseases, at minimum in accordance with the current protocols recommended by the American Boxer Club.

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