logo The MBHA has acquired a Holter monitor that will be available to breeders for screening their breeding stock for Boxer Arrythmic Cardiomyopathy. The Holter will be available for a small fee to any breeder that is interested; however non-MBHA members must be sponsored by either a member of the MBHA or a member of their local Boxer Club. Members of the MBHA receive a substantial discount on the rental fee; members of local Boxer Clubs receive a smaller discount.

The Holter will be available by reservation. You will need to specify how many dogs you are Holtering, so that the appropriate length of time can be reserved. The MBHA will include supplies (electrodes, cassette, battery, tape, etc.) for each dog and instructions on attaching the Holter. If the Holter is being shipped, the MBHA will pay outgoing postage and the renter will pay return postage. For information on specific fees, please contact us at mbha@falcin.com.

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